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About Fiberglass Bridges


Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite materials have substantial advantages over traditional materials of construction when used for trail bridge and boardwalk construction. The E.T. Techtonics bridge and boardwalk structures have been developed by capitalizing on the lightweight, high-strength attributes of FRP materials.

The fiberglass truss bridge system is built using FRP components that are manufactured by the pultrusion process. These high-strength FRP materials enable a prefabricated pedestrian bridge system with a strength-to-weight ratio greater than steel, offering significant design and erection advantages over traditional materials.


Standard FRP components have tension and compression strengths that range between 30,000 psi and 100,000 psi.

80% lighter than steel, the components are easily carried because a typical member weighs less than 90 lbs. No longer are bridge sites inaccessible! Bridge spans can be erected in almost any location.

Component Construction
Bridge spans are usually shipped in component parts, which can be easily carried to the site. Fiberglass trail bridges can also be shipped partially assembled or fully assembled depending on your site or project requirements. Most spans can be built by hand without the need for heavy construction equipment or helicopter lifts.

Easy Installation
Unassembled and partially assembled bridge spans are designed for quick and easy installation using standard hand tools. A customized assembly package is provided with every fiberglass bridge which recommends an installation approach for your project. A typical bridge spanning less than 50’-0” can usually be installed by three people in less than a day. Longer spans usually require additional workers and two to three days depending on the span length of the bridge and site conditions.

Low Maintenance
FRP excels in harsh environments that are known to quickly deteriorate traditional materials of construction. Wet locations, termites, salt and most chemical environments have little or no effect on the trail bridge structural components.

Attractive Appearance
The truss bridge and boardwalk systems can be specified in any color. The color is inherent throughout the composite profile, so it does not require any painting. For park and trail applications, olive green is recommended as it blends into the landscape. For industrial sites, gray and/or safety yellow are recommended. CPI provides a standard top cap on all of the truss bridges. The top cap is painted with a UV resistant clear coat that protects the cap from premature UV fading and fiber blooming.  


Each CPI/E.T. Techtonics FRP bridge project is custom-engineered with signed/sealed CAD drawings and a complete finite element analysis (FEA). Once approved, we provide shipment of the bridge system to your site within approximately 60 days. The fiberglass bridge system is backed by 20 years of laboratory and field tests as well as ongoing materials research. Our FRP/Kevlar testing program has received support from many sources which include the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).